Dr.FIX Watch Repair

The repair market for watches and jewellery is growing as budgets tighten.  As the traditional Jeweller focuses on high end sales there has never been a bigger demand for changing watch batteries; we carry out this service within the hour.  Straps, bracelet adjustments, glass repairs and all servicing work is undertaken too.  Dr.FIX provides a service which delivers 3 key elements: Price, Speed of Service and Location.

Dr.FIX repair kiosks are staffed with professionally trained experts who service all brands of timepieces of all different values.  Whether it’s a wristwatch, clock or any other timepiece, our watch repair team are ready to service your needs.

Dr.FIX replace your battery and parts with premium quality parts to ensure long life.

Dr.FIX also offers a full range of services to get your favourite timepiece up and running:

  • Battery Replacement
  • Watch Band Repair
  • Watch Overhauls
  • Cleaning & Inspection
  • Stem & Crown Repair
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Water Resistance Test

Visit Dr.FIX today with your watch repair requirements.